Where to eat at when in Bucharest

Edo Garden sushi Bucharest

For sushi:

When it comes to sushi, I personally like going to Edo Garden. Prices are fair (I usually order the Dai menu which costs 99 lei and I share it with my boyfriend), the sushi is good, the menu includes other Japanese specialties beside sushi and during the hot season you can eat on the terrace where there is a pond with koi fish.

For fish:

I usually eat fish when I’m at the seaside, as I like knowing that the fish is really fresh. However, if you want eating fish in Bucharest, a nice place to enjoy it is Raionul de Peste. Prices are high, but the fish is good and the overall experience is interesting. Other place where I had really good fish and sea food is Nuba.

For burgers:

I’m a huge fan of burgers and my favorites are the ones from Vivo Fusion. The restaurant has an industrial design and makes both meat (beef and chicken) and vegetarian burgers. Burgers are huge and really tasty. You can also have soup, salad, fries (unfortunately frozen fries), cheesecake and chocolate lava cake.

For pizza:

I’ve traveled to Italy twice and ate really disappointing pizzas there. If you crave pizza, I recommend you to go to Capricciosa. The crust is very thin, the toppings are top quality and you get complimentary sauces and Parmesan (you have to ask for them though). Prices are good (around 26 lei for a large pizza) and pizza is divine. I don’t recommend the other dishes though.

For pasta:

I used to hate pasta. But then I had pasta at Shift Pub… I personally order the shrimp tagliatelle and I’m always content. Portions are huge, so you’d better be very hungry when you go to Shift Pub! If you can’t finish your dish, ask your waiter to put the remaining food in a take-away casserole (never waste food!).

For meat dishes:

Shift Pub also has a lot of tasty meat dishes. Again, portions are huge so if you’re not that hungry, consider sharing a dish with a friend/family member/partner who’s also not that hungry. Prices are affordable.

For Indian food:

I adore Indian food and I’m happy that I’ve found a place in Bucharest where I can enjoy amazing curry. That place is Taj. Portions seem small, but they are sufficient.