Becca Fall 2017 Collection

Ever since I received my very first Becca highlighter (shade Opal), I’ve been obsessed with it! I admit that I was not impressed with the packaging (it looks like an UFO), but the product itself is truly remarkable. Now I can’t imagine leaving the house without adding a touch of my Becca highlighter on the bone of my cheeks, the tip of my nose and on Cupid’s bow. BAM! Instant glamour!

Light Chaser Highlighter

An ultra-creamy, kaleidoscopic illuminator that diffuses its brilliance and colourful effect with light. More than an illuminator, the transformable formula of the Light Chaser Highlighter is the perfect combination of kaleidoscopic colours and light. Each shade is infused with kaleidoscopic beads that catch the light, providing a unique effect that changes shades according to facial movements, delivering a colourful, hypnotising luminosity for an ever changing finish.

Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss

A gloss made of kaleidoscopic beads for a brilliant, luminous finish. Inspired by precious stones, melted into a liquid form, the kaleidoscopic beads change hues as they catch the light, to enhance every aspect of your lips. Each shade contains a unique mix of beads, blended to create a multidimensional finish that flatters all skin tones. Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss is scented with coconut and vanilla and enriched with nourishing ingredients that leave your lips soft and smooth.

BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

A limited edition set created in collaboration with Chrissy Teigen, model, mom, cookbook author and representative of Californian relaxed beauty. Each shade of this limited edition palette contains Becca’s unique emblematic formula that blends pigments with liquids for an incomparable creamy feel and applies evenly, with no mask effect. Mix them, overlay them and blend them to create your ideal summer shine.

The new releases from Becca will be exclusively available at Sephora and on from October 2017, except for the Chrissy Teigen palette, which is already available at Sephora.