Obsessed with rose gold jewelry


I used to absolutely love silver, but now I’m pretty obsessed with rose gold (so much hype around rose gold). Ever since I discovered how much of a difference a rose gold piece of jewelry makes to a basic outfit, I only reach for my rose gold jewelries. It makes any plain, inexpensive outfit look luxuriant and that is nice, let’s be honest. I don’t own many rose gold accesories (I have 2 watches, a steel bracelet and a few stackable rings), but the several pieces I have go with literally everything.

The rose gold jewelries in my jewelry collection are from Ixxxi (Dutch brand) and can be purchased online or from their store in Sibiu (Sibiului nr.5 Promenada Mall Sopping Center, Selimbar, Sibiu). Prices are affordable and the products look really good so hopefully Ixxxi jewelries will soon be available in more locations.

The Ixxxi pieces in my jewelry collection:

I personally think that the concept behind this brand is really cool because you can configurate your ring just the way you desire.