Daisy Marc Jacobs

10 years of Daisy

I received my first Daisy edp when I was a teenager (soon after its launch) and felt really excited about it. It was the most expensive perfume I ever received at that time (100+ euro) and loved everything about it right from the moment it was handed to me. Loved the packaging, loved the bottle, loved the fragrance. It was pure perfection! It was a very toughtful gift and I still have that perfume bottle stored somewhere in my room, despite the fact that I ran out of the perfume nine years ago.

Starting October there is available for sale the anniversary edition Daisy, which celebrates 10 years of Marc Jacobs’s bestselling perfume. It’s the same iconic fragrance, but in a limited edition bottle (crystal embellished).

The Daisy woman: young, free, authentic, charming, innocent.

Ambassadors: Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter), Dilia Martins, Sofia Mechetner.