I‘m the kind of person who gets bored very easily, however I think I’ll never get bored of wearing black. It’s like I’m not 100% myself when I’m not in black!

However, black is really hard to capture in pictures, therefore I avoid making life even harder for Andu (who hates taking photographs) and wear colors that are easy to shoot. This is an outfit that I wore for a casual lunch in Brasov and had Andu take a couple photos of it just because I had my camera with me and wanted him to remember how to take pictures, as he didn’t photograph me since August. I didn’t expect that this outfit will ever see the light on my blog, hence the most basic makeup, the natural hair and the lousy posture haha.

And speaking of Brasov, I recommend you the following restaurants: Gratar Urban for burgers, La Ceaun and Sergiana for traditional dishes and Belvedere for a fancy experience. As for accommodation, I always stay at Vila A&N.

Musette over the knee suede boots 
H&M shirt & hoodie
Zara jeans