Got my backpack on

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Don’t know if deep in my heart I miss high school and being a school girl, but lately I’ve been obsessed with my handmade backpack by Efi Dolcini. I like carrying a lot of stuff with me, so handbags are not always ideal. Especially when I have to carry my DSLR camera, which weighs like a tone!

When I wear a backpack instead of a handbag, I feel my back more relaxed and I am able to do more of the things I like: having long walks, riding the bicycle, shopping for groceries and attend more interesting events. If my back hurts, I ain’t in the mood for anything and my only wish is to go home and lay on the couch.

As for how I wear my backpack, you can find below a peek at today’s outfit:

efi-dolcini-backpack-stephanine-layerI was wearing:

Chie Mihara shoes | Efi Dolcini backpack | H&M navy dress.

Who’s a fan of backpacks? raise your hand!