12 tips for shopping smart during the summer sales

  • Look for boots, coats, black/grey jeans and knitwear items – they’ll cost you a fortune if you’ll buy them from the Fall/Winter collection;
  • Avoid patterns and prints and go for basic T-shirts, dresses and shirts that will never go out of fashion and which are very easy to match;
  • Always check the interior label and make sure you buy clothes made of natural fabrics;
  • Take your time while trying things on and better not go shopping if you’re in a hurry;
  • Don’t let yourself impressed by really cheap stuff – they’re so cheap for a reason;
  • Don’t buy high heels unless you feel 100% comfortable wearing them;
  • Before buying anything, ask yourself if you can match it with things that are already in your wardrobe;
  • Don’t use your credit card! I repeat, don’t use your credit card! You tend to spend more money when you don’t pay cash;
  • Care about quality, not quantity;
  • Never ask for somebody else’s opinion. You don’t want to be influenced and take a decision that you’ll regret some days later;
  • Always keep the receipt of your purchases. Who knows, maybe you’ll hate them after one week and you’ll wish to return them to the store and get your money back;
  • Finally, don’t buy only for the sake of it. Buy things because you need them, not because it’s sales season and you’re bored. Money is hard to come by and it’s a pity to spend it irrationally.


So far this sale season, I only purchased a Pull&Bear summer blouse and the Calvin Klein leather ankle boots from above, as discounts are not very attractive right now. However, I hope that I’ll find some grey and khaki organic cotton T-shirts before sales end.