My first time on Transfagarasan


In case you were wondering what I’ve been doing lately, the answer is… calming down. I’m quite an anxious person and deal with a lot of things that bother me, so I’ve taken the past two months to work on my self, relax my mind and enjoy summer. And the most important things that I’ve done between June and August are: 1) I’ve changed my eating habits and started losing the extra weight and 2) I wrote my father a letter in which I shred all the anger and sadness he made me feel  until his divorce from my mom, two years ago.

Now, when I’m writing these phrases, I’m in the heart of Romania, at a hotel located nearby the notorius Transfagarasan highway, enjoying the last month of summer with Andu. I’m not staying here long,  as I find one day to be enough for me to explore the green & rocky surroundings – especially since I have no interest in climbing the Fagaras mountains, I’m too lazy and have too pretty shoes to do that – the Balea Lake and the dozens of waterfalls. Oh, and I have to mention to you that I feel so hungry right now, as the restaurants nearby are awfull and I prefer to rather starve than getting  sick from bad food.  At least my soul is more fortunate than my stomach, as it gets to be fed with the fabulous landscapes of Transfagarasan.



I was wearing:

ZARA jeans | ZARA sweater | OYSHO socks | CHIE MIHARA shoes | DANIEL WELLINGTON watch | PANDORA bracelet & charms