Never felt less Christmassy


If someone would have told me last year that in 2015 I’ll have no Christmas tree, I would have answered to that person NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! I’ve always been obsessed with Christmas, usually shopping for Christmas presents since November and having my Christmas tree bought and decorated by December 6th, but this year I felt no urge to get ready for Christmas. I’ve bought some Poinsettias for my mother and one Christmas wreath, but that’s it.

Not sure if the weather is to blame – as it feels more like spring than winter – or the fact that I realized Christmas has become only a pretext for consumerism. Also, I find it hypocritical that people act kinder and more generous around Christmas. People should be nice everyday, not only once a year! Oh, and don’t even get me started about the number of trees are cut down for Christmas and the pigs that get sacrificed for the traditional Christmas dishes – these traditions break my heart… :(

I was wearing:

MANGO dress | ZARA jacket | ZARA boots | MICHAEL KORS handbag

No matter you feel or not the Christmas spirit, I wish you all a happy winter holiday and, most important, a peaceful heart and health to you and your loved ones.