How to step up your Instagram game

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Instagram is my favorite social network and I’m very happy to have over 10000 lovely (and real!) people following my feed. The content I share primarily consists in beauty products that I use and love, outfit details, nice places that I’ve stumbled upon and in moments that I didn’t want to forget, so Instagram is more than just social media to me. It’s my diary. And since my feed has been complimented lately by friends and fellow bloggers, I thought that I should write a post on my blog and share some Instagram tips. I’m not an Instagram guru and my feed is far from perfect, but I think that the suggestions from below may help some people step up their Instagram game.

  1. Download the following editing apps: VSCO Cam, FaceTune, Faded, Snapseed, Polarr, Afterlight and Whitagram.
  2. Before applying any filter to your photos, make sure exposure, contrast and saturation are on point – use VSCO Cam for these touches.
  3. Sharpen your pictures a tiny bit and obviously make sure your picture is focused.
  4. Forget about Instagram’s filters and use VSCO’s instead.
  5. If you’re not pleased with your picture’s exposure, try a black & white filter.
  6. Don’t publish pictures taken in poor lighting. It messes up your Instagram feed and it could make you lose followers.
  7. Do you usually use the on-camera flash when you’re taking captions? What are you doing, mate? Just stop it…
  8. Don’t share unappealing content.
  9. Take creative/inspirational captions.
  10. Find one filter that suits you best and try sticking to it.
  11. Don’t take selfies with your phone’s secondary camera unless it has 8+ megapixels
  12. Speaking of selfies, keep them to a minimum.
  13. If you’re at lunch and want to take a caption of your food, do it by standing up. It’s awkward the first time, but your photo will look way better if you shoot it from high above.
  14.  Consider investing in some backgrounds and props. A white table or white A3 paper, white real marble or marble sticker, colorful A3 paper, vintage parquetry, flowers, antiques, decorative pillows, etc.
  15. Last but not least, only share your own content. Instagram is not Pinterest.