How I take care of my shoes

how i take care of my shoes

I love shoes and I want to wear all my footwear for years, therefore I take good care of them. Some of them are designer shoes, others are from brands like Zara, Converse, Tamaris, Bata or Geox, however they’re all treated equal, no matter how cheap or expensive they were.

So, how do I take care of my shoes?

# First of all, I make sure I don’t step in mud, dog waste or other disgusting things;

# I wash my leather shoes after a couple wears with water & universal detergent ( I wash them with a sponge, then wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth). Then, I moisturize them with pigmented shoe lotion which also enhances their color and makes them shiny. I tried washing my leather shoes in the washing machine but that was not a good idea at all. The leather became stiff and lost its intense color, however I managed to undo my mistake (pigmented shoe lotion);

# My running shoes and Converse trainers are OK after I wash them in the washing machine (maximum 30 degrees Celsius, short program – 15 minutes), therefore I use the laundry machine to make them look brand new. Make sure though that you do not mix your white trainers with the black/dark trainers. Learned this lesson the hard way… Add Vanish for white garments in the laundry machine to make your white trainers shine again. Let them dry naturally (takes about 2 days).

# After my shoes are bacteria free, I store them in my wardrobe, where they are protected from dust. Each pair of shoes has its personal space. I used to keep them in their boxes, but the boxes were wasting a lot of space in my wardrobe. Therefore I threw away most of the shoe boxes. Between shoes I’ve placed a couple scented cards from Zara Home.

# I don’t borrow my shoes to anyone (learned my lesson when I was 17 and borrowed some brand new suede ankle boots to a friend. After she wore them, they didn’t fit me anymore, as I have narrow feet.);

# I try not to wear the same pair of shoes for more than 3-4 consecutive days.

I don’t know if what I’m doing is right, but my shoes look brand new, so I can’t be too wrong.

So this is how I take care of my shoes. How do you look after your shoes?