How I take care of my bags

Since I prefer having a few, but qualitative bags in my wardrobe, keeping them in good shape is one of my priorities. I like high-end bags (my current bags are from brands like Furla, Michael Kors, Love Moschino, Musette etc) and since these are quite pricey, I feel obliged to take good care of them.

How? Find out below:

# My bags NEVER touch the floor, or worse, the street;

# I do not carry in my bags the following items: pens, crackers, chocolate, unpacked fruits, makeup products (except they’re in a makeup pouch), dirty things;

# I do not over-stuff my bags;

# I am careful not to scratch them;

# I do not wear my leather or favorite bags when it’s raining. For such occasions is my Love Moschino PU bag with no hardware;

# I wipe them after a couple uses with a cloth damped with soapy water or with wet wipes. Then I use a dry cloth. Does not apply to bags made of suede (I avoid these). I moisturize my leather bags with makeup removal lotion or a light body lotion;

# I store them (after they’ve been cleaned) in my closet, where they are protected from dust, moist and direct sunlight. I do not keep them in their dust bags though, as I want to see them when I’m composing an outfit;

# I do not borrow my bags to anyone.

Now you know how I take care of my bags! How do you look after your bags?