How I keep my skin acne free

Back when I was a teenager (age 12-18), I used to have such a horrible skin. So horrible that I was skipping school and hiding from people. I was desperate and since there was nobody around to give me helpful advice, online beauty gurus did not exist yet and my parents would only give me food money (therefore I could not afford buying dermato-cosmetics), I tried all sort of homemade facial masks and products that did more harm than good. I used to apply lemon or tomato juice on my face, “tone” my skin with rubbing alcohol (spirt), keep my face in the sun (I thought sun would dry out my acne), use Clerasil multiple times a day (which literally burnt my face)… Plus, at that time I was using cheap makeup products, cleaned my face with regular soap, did not moisturize my face (I thought it would cause more pimples), used dirty makeup brushes, I was constantly touching my face, squeezed my pimples with dirty hands  etc. No wonder my face was a disaster!

Time has passed, the internet became flooded with beauty related articles, I became obsessed with hygiene and wiser, stopped using really cheap skincare & makeup products, started a beauty blog and tried out a lot of premium beauty products, I attended a lot of beauty events, etc. I think it’s been six or seven years since my last horrible acne outbreak.

OK, so how do I keep my skin acne free?

  • I don’t keep my skincare and makeup products in humid places. Instead, I store them in my bedroom (if you store your beauty products in your bathroom and you flush your toilet with the seat up, there is a big chance that your products are contaminated with E-coli) ;
  • I clean all my makeup brushes, sponges and products after a couple of uses;
  • I clean my face with a soap free gel from Bioderma (Sebium) and the Foreo Luna face brush. I dry my skin with a clean towel. Then, I gently rub my face with a cotton pad damped with micellar lotion (from Uriage or Bioderma);
  • I apply on the clean face either a ceramide capsule from Elizabeth Arden or a serum from Eisenberg (Elixir de Jeunesse), then I moisturize my skin with one of my favorite face creams (Eisenberg Emulsion Secret Premieres Rides, Galenic Secret D’Excellence or a face cream from Bioderma);
  • I exfoliate and purify my skin once or twice a week (Erborian Korean Skin Therapy Black Scrub, Caolion Premium Hot&Cool Pack Duo, blackhead strips);
  • I never touch my face when I’m outside the house;
  • I don’t keep my face in the sun;
  • I don’t share my products with anyone. Neither I use somebody’s else products (If I join a campaign, I ask the make-up artist to only use my tools & products and disinfect her/his hands);
  • I check the label of every beauty product (I don’t use makeup products made in China and beauty products that have denatured alcohol);
  • I clean my bathroom towels and bed sheet very often;
  • I clean my face twice a day (morning and evening);
  • I use products from brands I trust (Bioderma, Uriage, Ivatherm, ACM etc)
  • I leave under skin pimples alone (they seem like they’ll pop, but you’ll only damage your skin);
  • If some pimples occur (around period) I use the ACM Sebionex.K Keratoregulating Cream (does wonders!).
  • I wash my hair very often;
  • I only use products that are appropriate for my skin type;
  • I drink plenty of water.

Some people deal with acne because they have a hormonal issue, but acne mostly occurs because the bad bacteria on your skin is more numerous than the good bacteria, which creates an imbalance. That’s why you should always have a good hygiene and make sure you don’t use dirty products, tools, etc. Also, buy and use products with at least irritants possible! 

Now you know how I keep my skin acne free! Hope you’ll find helpful this article.