Monday Thoughts

I started this blog in August 2013 with a wrong mindset. I was fascinated by international online influencers like Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mirsalehi, etc and wished my blog to be as good as theirs. And since I was constantly comparing myself to others way out of my league and not being myself, I ended up being really inconsistent on my blog (posting felt like a burden), always questioning my content and myself, deleting blog posts and publishing press releases instead. I was feeling ugly compared to them, so even though I have invested a crazy amount of money on photography gear, I would not take photos of me for my blog. Why bother? I won’t publish them anyway, as they won’t be good enough. All this time I told no story. And I have so many stories to tell! Even though I’m only 26, I’ve been through quite a lot and learned so many lessons. My boyfriend (Andu) often tells me that I am good at so many things and that I know so much, but I keep all these things to myself. I want to bring value to my readers, inspire & motivate people, not make my blog about products or perfection (it’s just a mirage). The level of consumerism is so damn high and everything around is advertising. We all seek happiness and brands take advantage of this. Buy this crap and you’ll be happy! Guess what? You won’t! You can’t buy happiness! Happiness comes from within! Don’t get me wrong, I like shopping and I am passionate about fashion and beauty, but it’s a healthy passion. I’m certainly not a hoarder. I only have a lot of beauty products because brands send me their new products, otherwise I would only have the basic stuff. So yeah, from now on I won’t let overthinking keep me from writing on my blog.

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

And since I didn’t write an introduction when I started this blog, please let me introduce myself! My name is Stefania, but only acquaintances and my former teachers call me so. My friends and family call me Nia (this is my nickname since I was a couple years old). I’m currently 26 years old (I’m a Libra in case you were wondering), I have a height of 174 cm and I was born & raised in Bucharest.

I was a B-/C+ student in elementary school and high school, yet in Uni (I studied American Studies and German inside the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures) I was among the best in my class and had free tuition. My favorite subjects were American Culture, Mass-Media, Film Studies, American Literature… Before college I used to hate reading and I admit that I read only a few of the mandatory elementary school and high school readings, however in college I read most of the mandatory books and I loved them (my favorite was The Great Gatsby).

Speaking of high school, my dad wanted me to study abroad (In Switzerland to be more precise), so he signed me up at British Council, Goethe Institute and at the French Institute, so I was pretty busy in my spare time (I was also attending dancing and modelling classes). At 17 I got 3 language certificates (one from Cambridge, one from Goethe and one from the French Institute). I did not apply to study abroad. Right after high school ended I signed up to take part of the Firebird contemporary dance project and spent all that summer training for two shows (one was holding on the stage of the National Theatre, one in Sibiu). It felt so incredible to be on the stage of the National Theatre in front of so many people and being applauded for 15 minutes.

I started taking driving lessons 3 months before my 18th birthday, and even though I got my driving license at 18, I don’t drive.

During my last year in college I got sucked into a downward spiral and started feeling really depressed and having panic attacks on a daily basis. Got and quit several 9-18 jobs, worked as an intern for a famous magazine, a PR agency and the PR bureau of the University of Bucharest, did volunteer work (Lady Gaga and Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts in Bucharest, award galas, spent time with kids from an orphanage), worked as a collaborator editor for two other magazines (experiences that made me not want to collaborate with print magazines ever again), then I decided that I don’t want to spend this life working for someone. I don’t intend to grow a fortune, I just want to be happy.

Now, even though I still have some issues to work on (I’m the female version of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory), I’m in a good place.

My hobbies include cooking (I cook since I was a child, therefore my cooking skill is quite high), playing boardgames (both me and Andu have diplomas for winning Settlers of Catan contests), cleaning my house (haha), watching Netflix and vlogs, organizing home parties, shopping for groceries, organizing my closets, taking photos and editing images (I’m a certified Image Editor by the way). I also like acting and appeared in two commercials.

By the age of 26 I visited 17 countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain.

I love animals and used to have a bunny as a pet (he was the most spoiled bunny in the world and lived a full life). When he passed away the entire family felt devastated… We got him buried in the Baneasa Forest with his favorite toy.

I have a bunch of fears, one of them being the fear of flying.

Nice to meet you!

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