Life updates, not into aging, silver lining

Long time no blogged, I know! This year has been so weird and full of unpleasant surprises that I didn’t feel like blogging or vlogging: 1) The apartment we live in got infested with mold because of a broken pipe; 2) I learned the truth about some people who I thought would be there for me; 3) We’ve been apartment hunting for five months; 4) Our car broke and is in service for two months, which means $$$$; 5) We had no electricity in our apartment for two months (the worst part was that our stove and oven are electric and we were obliged to order takeaway and eat out everyday for two months, which is expensive); 6) Plus many other…

I’m stressed out since April and this made me neglect myself. I have so many pretty clothes, yet I mostly reached for the most comfortable and boring ones, I skipped combing my hair for days, I forgot about applying spf on my face almost the entire summer, ate junk food, didn’t socialize, didn’t wear perfume, didn’t properly moisturize my skin etc. The silver lining is that I lost weight lol.

Today I’m still stressed (our new apartment needs to be furnished, we worry about money etc), but I’m more optimistic than I was in the summer. Sun must eventually rise up on our street, right?

This month I turned 27 (my birthday was fine despite the odds) and I realised that I should stop neglecting myself and my skin. Women in my family don’t show their age, but I shouldn’t rely on that. No matter what, I must properly take care of my skin twice a day (morning and evening), focusing not only on my face and eye area, but my neck as well. My neck has been neglected all these years and that shows. I blamed my neck lines to my Autoimmune Thyroiditis, but maybe it has nothing to do with my chronic condition. My neck is wrinkly because of my lifestyle (incorrect posture while watching TV, checking the phone, using the laptop) and lazyness.

And since a couple weeks ago I got sent a bunch of anti aging products from StriVectin, I have no excuse not to have young looking and healthy skin. I knew this brand, as I used some of its products in the past, so I was really happy when I received the parcel, especially because it contained four products:

The StriVectin Tech Neck Line Smoother was already in my collection when I received the parcel, but I was using it every now and then, not everyday as recommended by the brand. So I decided to follow the brands instructions and used the Tech Neck Line Smoother everyday for the past 2 weeks and I continue to do so until I finish the product. Now, my neck lines are deep, so I didn’t see any improvements so far, but I did notice the effect of the StriVectin Fully Charged Serum x Moisturizer. I have a fine line around my right nostril and it looks smoother now (or is it Placebo?). What I also like about this product is that it gets in the skin really fast and isn’t greasy (I have combination skin). The eye gel feels refreshing and is quite moisturizing ( I have no wrinkles around my eyes yet).

Also from StriVectin, I use once every other week the Sunday Detox Whipped Clay Peel-Off Mask.

We all inevitably age and we should age beautifully. Take care of ourselves. Eat healthy food. Drink enough water. Meditate. Socialize. Do every day something that makes us happy. Love our skin, love our body, love ourselves, love others. Life is not always easy, but after rain comes the rainbow.


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